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Chicago from the 96th floor of the John Hancock Center.

72 Hours in Chicago

I was sent to Chicago for the Day Job, to assist with an event that I helped plan, and I think that in all my years with the company, this was the first time they’ve ever needed to send me anywhere. Glad it wasn’t somewhere boring!

The majority of my time was spent at the hotel (working, packing goody bags, reviewing timelines and menus, visiting with work people, making sure the right people got to the right place), but there were some nice things, even while working. Such as the Full Moon Dinner Cruise. And hotel itself (the historic Palmer House).

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Saying Yes to More Travel

When I imagine what I want my life to be like, there is a great deal of travel. Mainly living in Scotland for 2 months of the year, but also visiting all across the USA and saying Yes to as many travel opportunities as possible. (And this is from someone who really dislikes flying.)

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Ocean Drive's art deco architecture, from our trip to Miami.

Four Days in Miami? Yes, Please!

After a family reunion in Coconut Beach (where we stayed an extra night and had an amazing dinner at Fat Kahuna), then a detour to the gorgeous Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, we drove down to Miami for a few days.

T had never been to Florida before this trip, and I had never been to Miami. As a Burn Notice junkie, when planning the vacation I figured that since we were already going to Florida for the Reunion, “we might as well go down to Miami, and play super-spy.”

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