Update: Stitching the Sunrise

Just a quick update, I finally started on my sunrise project. It’s slow going, but I’m making progress. With an upcoming flight, if I can find my tiny scissors, I will hopefully get more progress made on this quadrant while at the airports.

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Making Life Easier, in the Kitchen

I enjoy cooking.

Really, I do.

But cooking dinner every evening, even with leftovers for lunch the next day, is too much work for me. Working a full-time job, running my stationery company, and now increasing my evening krav classes, there’s not enough time to¬†eat dinner, let alone time cook one!

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Gym Talk: Fun Things to Do

On my epic quest to become a badass, I thought I’d share a couple of videos from the gym, as showed by the awesome instructor, Amy. You should hear some of the taller, male instructors talk about her- she may be petite, she can take them down!

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Saying Yes to More Travel

When I imagine what I want my life to be like, there is a great deal of travel. Mainly living in Scotland for 2 months of the year, but also visiting all across the USA and saying Yes to as many travel opportunities as possible. (And this is from someone who really dislikes flying.)

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Beauty Box Favorites – Summer Edition

I subscribe to Beauty Box 5, Ipsy, and Sephora’s Play Box, and look forward to my goodies every month. Thought you might be curious what the favorites were from the summer’s boxes:

Polyvore of Ashley's beauty box favorites from Summer 2016.


Sunrise at Cocoa Beach, Florida, July 2016.

Have You Ever Stitched a Sunrise?

I took this photo when walking with my Dad in Cocoa Beach and when scrolling through my flickr album for about the two-hundredth time, I thought it might make a fun stitching project.

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