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Update: Stitching the Sunrise

Just a quick update, I finally started on my sunrise project. It’s slow going, but I’m making progress. With an upcoming flight, if I can find my tiny scissors, I will hopefully get more progress made on this quadrant while at the airports.

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Sunrise at Cocoa Beach, Florida, July 2016.

Have You Ever Stitched a Sunrise?

I took this photo when walking with my Dad in Cocoa Beach and when scrolling through my flickr album for about the two-hundredth time, I thought it might make a fun stitching project.

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Before picture - our mid-century, 1969 bathroom with green tiles.

Retro Bathroom Refresh – Before

T and I purchased our (first) house in 2009. It’s a quirky, one-story home built in 1969 with some remodeling done by the previous owners: opening up the front living room with a large archway, closing off the carport into storage, and adding a large extension to the back of the house. It really is perfect for our needs.
But it only has one bathroom.
And I’ve been miserable in that bathroom for too long.

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Edinburgh cross stitch pattern, of Victoria Street. Available at

Summertime Stitching

With summer still raging in Texas, I like to escape to air conditioning and work on projects inside. Like cross stitching. It’s quiet, inexpensive, keeps your hands busy (and out of the snack bowl), and can be done anywhere.

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