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The World We’re Living In

To date, not only have I taken enough Krav Maga to pass the Level 1 belt test, but I’ve also attended an Active Shooter Seminar and Edged Weapons Seminar.

What does that mean?

That this is a messed up place to live!

The Active Shooter Seminar (they should have called it something else because I don’t want to type ASS every time I mention it) was rough. It opened with the sound of gunfire being blasted over the speakers, what was upsetting, personally. And then played again during some drills where we learned to attack the attackers as a group, disarm them, and work together to manage the situation and wait for the police. The class was taught by a local police officer and was 4 hours long. We learned how to not only disarm handguns, but also long guns like shotguns and ARs.

The Edged Weapons Seminar was taught by the same police and was 3 hours. It covered some knife attacks that we learned in class, but also slashing attacks.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 6.06.29 AM

Me taking away my partner’s knife. Thanks to Amy W for the photo!

Most important thing in disarming someone with a gun- get out of line of fire. Then the most important thing is the same for both weapons- the biggest, strongest, most amazing punch to the face of your life.

It’s such a messed up place that the more people who are training to counterattack and who are ready to take action, the better.

Take a class. Learn to fight.

First Goal of 2017 Reached!

I did it- I passed my Level One belt test in Krav Maga!

Training was hard, and took up a lot of time (which probably explains the lack of posts!) but I did it. It was a 4 hour review, a 57 minute break, and then another 4 hours of testing. Non-stop.
Here’s a video someone took of one of the drills. I’m in the blue shirt.

And we didn’t find out the results right away, which meant I spent a day and a half kicking myself for the stupid mistakes that I made, worrying that I had failed. Ugh, was my control grip hard enough? Was I grabbing shoulder or shirt? Gah, I can’t remember! And Were my 2-handed plucks large enough on the headlocks from behind? Oh gosh, probably not. Crap!

I can say, without a doubt, that I am proud of my work on the final drill. It started with round kicks from the ground, then getting up and being attacked by the 3 others in my group, one attack after another. For 5 minutes. It. Was. Awesome. As soon as I defended against the attacks, I used the attacker as a shield preventing further attacks as much as I could. (The point of Krav is to avoid fights when you can!) So fun. And exhausting!

Something we did caused my abdominals to be in pain for four days after the test. (Full-body pain was only the day after, luckily.)

And now I get to train for Level Two. 🙂

Making Life Easier, in the Kitchen

I enjoy cooking.

Really, I do.

But cooking dinner every evening, even with leftovers for lunch the next day, is too much work for me. Working a full-time job, running my stationery company, and now increasing my evening krav classes, there’s not enough time to eat dinner, let alone time cook one!

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Gym Talk: Fun Things to Do

On my epic quest to become a badass, I thought I’d share a couple of videos from the gym, as showed by the awesome instructor, Amy. You should hear some of the taller, male instructors talk about her- she may be petite, she can take them down!

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New Goals, New Results? Gym Talk.

You know how you try to exercise to lose weight and it just doesn’t happen? Okay, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones. But for me, it hasn’t worked so I’m trying something different.

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Coffee table scene at Ash Tree Grove, with The 52 Lists Project and roses.

The 52 Lists Project

For my birthday last month, T gave me a book by Moorea Seal, The 52 Lists Project. I thought, in the spirit of Getting To Know You/Me, I might post a few of my lists here.

The Ways I Get Energized

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