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Steve Jobs always wore black turtlenecks and jeans. The Paul Mitchell guy always wears black. (Read it in an old article this morning.) Anna Wintour has her version, too. So does Caroline Herrera, Vera Wang, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, and many other High-Powered People. (Maybe one day I can include myself on that list of High Powered People.)

My version of the uniform?

I wear a dress to work, every day (except Jeans Day Fridays, though I see that becoming a rare occasion instead of the norm, and occasional skirt). Why a dress every day?

  1. i have a ridiculous amount of dresses and they need to be worn.
  2. more importantly, I’m lazy

dress3 dress2 dress5  dress1 dress6 dress4

Doesn’t look like it, though, does it? Some people may think that I like to dress up for work, and sure, to an extent that’s true, but really, I don’t want to have to worry is This Shirt works with That Skirt/Those Pants. I’d rather spend those moments enjoying some tea or getting some work for inviting done

My uniform may not be the same hoodie+jeans+sneakers but it’s a uniform just the same. Makes my life easier and I look presentable without trying too hard.

First Goal of 2017 Reached!

I did it- I passed my Level One belt test in Krav Maga!

Training was hard, and took up a lot of time (which probably explains the lack of posts!) but I did it. It was a 4 hour review, a 57 minute break, and then another 4 hours of testing. Non-stop.
Here’s a video someone took of one of the drills. I’m in the blue shirt.

And we didn’t find out the results right away, which meant I spent a day and a half kicking myself for the stupid mistakes that I made, worrying that I had failed. Ugh, was my control grip hard enough? Was I grabbing shoulder or shirt? Gah, I can’t remember! And Were my 2-handed plucks large enough on the headlocks from behind? Oh gosh, probably not. Crap!

I can say, without a doubt, that I am proud of my work on the final drill. It started with round kicks from the ground, then getting up and being attacked by the 3 others in my group, one attack after another. For 5 minutes. It. Was. Awesome. As soon as I defended against the attacks, I used the attacker as a shield preventing further attacks as much as I could. (The point of Krav is to avoid fights when you can!) So fun. And exhausting!

Something we did caused my abdominals to be in pain for four days after the test. (Full-body pain was only the day after, luckily.)

And now I get to train for Level Two. 🙂