Cottage in Wimberley TX for 2-night retreat.

Running Away… to Work!

Last year I started a new tradition- every October and February, I pack up and head to a cottage in Wimberley for 2 nights. I bring my business plans, notes, half-started ideas, old laptop, goals, wine, tea and more wine, and retreat into solitude. (Last February, T joined me for one night. This time I am bringing my Adventure Cat, Miss Harriet.) But generally it’s 48 hours of me not talking to anyone (except myself), focusing and figuring things out.

I sit in the private hot tub to relax, then come in, do a facial mask or deep conditioning treatment on my hair, make some tea or pour some wine, grab a pad and pencil to plan, write, break down, have a break down, and really figure out what direction I want to go.



Retreat Rules

  • Once I arrive at the cottage, I stay at the cottage.
  • No phone calls. Limit texting and emails. (Keep Outlook and Yahoo closed)
  • No wine until after hot tubbing for the day. That’s just a matter of safety when you’re alone!
  • Doors locked. Always.
  • Pity parties are okay as long as they end in determination.
  • Classical or chill-electronica are best for focusing.
  • No alarm clock. Really, hide all clocks or cover up with washi tape.

October and February seem like the perfect months for these retreats for me because October is the end of the Summertime Sales Slump/Depression and the start of the holiday sales season, and February is after the holiday sales + some recovery time, but before the Summertime Sales Slump starts. This lets me plan for both the busy times, and the slow times.


HQ for the trip. The dining area is where I spend most of the time.

This is one treat that I hope, even when I take my business full-time again, to always be able to afford. It’s not a lot of money, but when money is tight, it seems like a frivolous expense. But sometimes it’s too hard to ignore and avoid distractions at home, and a regular hotel room, while still an option, just isn’t as homey as a cottage.
Plus, private hot tub.

Am very much looking forward to my upcoming trip!


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