Chicago from the 96th floor of the John Hancock Center.

72 Hours in Chicago

I was sent to Chicago for the Day Job, to assist with an event that I helped plan, and I think that in all my years with the company, this was the first time they’ve ever needed to send me anywhere. Glad it wasn’t somewhere boring!

The majority of my time was spent at the hotel (working, packing goody bags, reviewing timelines and menus, visiting with work people, making sure the right people got to the right place), but there were some nice things, even while working. Such as the Full Moon Dinner Cruise. And hotel itself (the historic Palmer House).

But what we did, when not working:

  • Walked up State Street, did a teeny bit of shopping. Bluesy trio on the corner, a dancing man wearing a gorilla suit and sombrero, and a drums+trumpet band walking down the sidewalk- excellent!
  • Dinner at The Walnut Room in Macy’s (Mrs. Herring’s Chicken Pot Pie- delicious!)
  • Wandered around to Printer’s House Row and Willis Tower, and meandered back to hotel.
  • Geeked out when I remembered that Batman Begins etc were filmed in Chicago
    • Chicago Board of Trade (Wayne Enterprises in BB)
    • Berghoff (mob restaurant in The Dark Knight)
    • Saw a sign for Lower Wacker and remembered “Lower 5th” (TDK)
    • And the Trump Hotel & Tower, before completion (exterior on TDK)
  • Had lunch with a few coworkers at Lou Malnati’s for Chicago-style pizza, passing the Chicago Hilton (where the final scene of The Fugitive was filmed)
  • Walked to the John Hancock Center, hitting the Tribune Tower and shops along the way, for a drink on the 96th floor.
  • And in my last 45 minutes, T and I were able to hang out together, finally. (He flew up to visit his brother.) We found a hot dog food truck and ate them in the North Garden of the Art Institute of Chicago. It was a beautiful day.

The Tribune Tower

The Tribune Tower was my favorite stop- it was so powerful. Beautiful obviously, but the inscriptions in the lobby… and then I had to see their WWI plaque, and I don’t handle those well.


The Lobby

And the hotel! The hotel was magnificent! The Empire Room, the Red Lacquer Ballroom, the Grand/State Ballrooms, the LOBBY. Incredible. And so many chandeliers…

The Red Lacquer Ballroom at the Palmer House in Chicago. Check out those chandeliers!

The Red Lacquer Ballroom

Chandelier in The Empire Room at the Palmer House in Chicago.

In the Empire Room

You can check out the rest of my pictures HERE. Chicago is somewhere I definitely plan to return to.

What about you? Have you been? What did you love? Anything I should add to my Must See/Do/Eat list?


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