Saying Yes to More Travel

When I imagine what I want my life to be like, there is a great deal of travel. Mainly living in Scotland for 2 months of the year, but also visiting all across the USA and saying Yes to as many travel opportunities as possible. (And this is from someone who really dislikes flying.)

So when my Mom decided to move to northern Arizona, I tried to focus not that my semi-regular afternoon tea date was moving away, but instead on “now I get to visit Arizona more.”
And for her birthday weekend, I went out to see her.

We took the ski lift up, watched storms coming in, laughed about being hailed on on the way back down, went to a heritage museum, tea and shopping downtown Flagstaff, toured the Riordan Mansion, had dinner at a brewery, and spent an afternoon in Sedona, followed with a brief walk to see some cave dwellings. (Sorry, Mom, I can’t remember what that place was called.) It was a short trip, but we had two full days together.

You can see all my pictures HERE.

What’s next for travels? I’ll be spending a few days in Chicago, my first time there, but it will be for the Day Job so am not expecting any free time. There will be a moonlight dinner cruise so I think I should bring my camera and test the night-time shots, don’t you?


P.s. In case you’re wondering, camera is a Canon PowerShot and I LOVE it. Looks like this one is comparable, plus stabilizing zoom, which might have been handy!
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