Sunrise at Cocoa Beach, Florida, July 2016.

Have You Ever Stitched a Sunrise?

I took this photo when walking with my Dad in Cocoa Beach and when scrolling through my flickr album for about the two-hundredth time, I thought it might make a fun stitching project.


So I made the pattern. It’s over 16,000 stitches, 23 different flosses.

Cross stitch pattern of a sunrise in Cocoa Beach Florida, made by Ashley McNeill.

Want to stitch along with me? The pattern is on Etsy, and only $3.50 (the price of a chai latte, thankyouverymuch!) through September. Are you on instagram? Let’s share our progress (I’m a really slow stitcher) with #ATGstitching

I’m off to the store to get more cloth.

P.s. This post contains affiliate links. That means I may receive a wee commission if you purchase something through the links provided (and at no extra cost to you). I’d never link to something that I haven’t already tried and liked, or want to try myself. Affiliate links are one of the ways I hope to keep this blog AD FREE.

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