New Goals, New Results? Gym Talk.

You know how you try to exercise to lose weight and it just doesn’t happen? Okay, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones. But for me, it hasn’t worked so I’m trying something different.


Background: I’m 10-15 pounds overweight. Not life-threatening, just annoyingly thicker in the middle than I’d like to be, and heavier than my doctor wants me to be. In the past, I’ve exercised with the goal of losing weight and slimming down. Guess what? It’s hardly made a difference! Yes, I like food, but I also go to the gym almost every weekday. It’s been hard for me to set a strict cardio plan, and I know that would help, but treadmills are boring, the sun is evil, and I have a full-time job + run a stationery business, so my time is precious. With Fall coming I plan to incorporate some weekend jogs, which will help, and I am looking forward to them, but I’ve made a change that I think will help my workouts in general.
I have a new goal in mind.

Yep, my new goal is to be a badass.

Earlier this summer, T got me taking krav maga classes with him, twice a week (quite possibly as payback for us taking dancing lessons). But it’s pretty safe to say, I’m hooked.

At the gym on weekdays, I now train to do better in class. Leg press, check. Cable machine (used to help with my choke breaks), check. Things to work my chest and back. Check, check. PUSH UPS. Thank you Sir, may I have another! I even practice my fall-breaks from a squat, and hang the floor mats nice and thick to use as a make-do heavy bag for punches and palm heel strikes. (Don’t tell management.) I love it!

So far, I’m still about 160lbs (read: no weight lost) but I’m noticing changes in other aspects, like:

  • Stronger arms
  • Thighs that are freak-me-out-when-shaving large, but then I smile when I feel that it’s actually muscle.
  • Back flab is slightly reduced
  • Boobs are getting a little smaller. Why can’t you save them for last, body! Come on, play nice!
  • My straight punches were called “beautiful” by an instructor. (I collect strange compliments like that.)
  • I CAN DO NON-MODIFIED PUSH UPS! Not many, like five at a time, but still- non-modified!
  • The knowledge that, when thrown, my left knee is wicked-strong. (Not a technical term.)
  • It feels good getting items on my sheet in class signed off on. Things like “Front kicks to groin” and “Straight punches.”

It hit me last week that I need to adjust my goal. If I lose weight and slim down, that’s great. But that’s just a bonus. I think I’ll see results if I make my goal more than just a size or number on the scale:

  • My goal is to punch and kick the pads so hard my partners stumble back.
  • My goal is to be stronger than I’ve ever been.
  • My goal is to kick butt in class, so that if it’s ever needed, my attacker seriously regrets trying to mess with me.
  • My goal is to be a badass.

What do you think? Have you tried changing your goals for stronger results?
Stick with me and I’ll revisit this in a bit, to see if it’s worked.


p.s. This post contains affiliate links. That means I may receive a wee commission if you purchase something through the links provided (and at no extra cost to you). I’d never link to something that I haven’t already tried and liked, or want to try myself. Affiliate links are one of the ways I hope to keep this blog AD FREE.

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