Beverage dispenser set up on a colorful bar for a party.

Summer Cocktail for a Party

If you’re invited to my home during the summer months, and are not a gin drinker, chances are good that I’ll offer you a paloma, especially if you’re part of a crowd! They’re refreshing, summery, and inexpensive- something appreciated by many of us during these hot months when we’re running the A/C extra!

We had a few friends over to celebrate our summer birthdays and, since it was a casual event, I made palomas in a beverage dispenser.

Palomas for a Group

When making large batched drinks, I don’t really measure. Specific amounts are a good starting off point, but due to personal tastes, always taste and tweak as needed. You know what tastes best!

  • 3 bottles Jarritos Toronja (grapefruit) soda
  • several long squeezes of lime juice from bottle in produce section
  • 2-3 three-finger pinches of kosher salt
  • Tequila – start with 1.5 cups, stir, take a sip, and add more until it’s strong enough

You don’t want to water down these drinks with a lot of ice, so be sure to set aside some grapefruit soda to freeze in large plastic cups the night before.

This makes a lot of drinks- I froze the leftover cocktail in a gallon bag. It should make delicious slushy cocktails for the next time we have people over.


Summertime cocktail, the paloma, at ash tree grove HQ.


  • Blue Glass Dispenser – World Market
  • Glittery leafy garland – Michaels (seasonal item)
  • Stemmed glassware – Ikea
  • Glass orbs – CB2
  • Bud vases – liqueur glasses, family item

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