Before picture - our mid-century, 1969 bathroom with green tiles.

Retro Bathroom Refresh – Before

T and I purchased our (first) house in 2009. It’s a quirky, one-story home built in 1969 with some remodeling done by the previous owners: opening up the front living room with a large archway, closing off the carport into storage, and adding a large extension to the back of the house. It really is perfect for our needs.
But it only has one bathroom.
And I’ve been miserable in that bathroom for too long.

In the years since moving in, I’ve painted the bathroom several colors, the most recent being a soft pink/cream/pearl; nothing’s been right. Because a renovation is out of the question at this time, due to time/energy/money, our 1969 bathroom was in need of a total refresh.

Things I Love:

  • Vintage green tile in the bath
  • Window (showering in the daylight is magical to me)
  • Shower head (not shown). It was my first Overstock purchase, back in 2003, and it’s been through four moves
  • I guess there’s a lot of storage?

Things I Loathe:

  • Sink – the color, shape and size
  • Tall linen cabinet – we can’t reach the top and it’s so deep, it’s impractical
  • Small mirror / medicine cabinet
  • Floor tile grout, always looks dirty

The Plan

Because living in Scotland is a dream of mine, I want a bathroom that feels like it could be found over there. Something bright and light, yet colorful and fresh, and just a good mix.

Some rather harsh cleaners will be used on the floor and tub tiles. (This, I expect, will be the worst part of the project. Bathroom tiles are the worst!) Tile grout will be painted white. Walls will be painted white. Some cabinet doors will be removed and the cabinet will be painted white, inside and out.

And I want a crazy punch-you-in-the-face floral wallpaper for the larger wall. I saw the below on Pinterest and fell in love. (Suffered some initial sticker shock, but when compared to $400+ rolls out there, I realized that for a statement wall, and with the rest of the project being inexpensive, I could splurge on the wallpaper if I really loved it. And boyfriend’s opinion be damned, I really love this.)

Polyvore collage of colorful floral wallpaper and british touches to make a vintage bathroom fun.

Bathroom Refresh – The Plan

 Let’s see how it goes. I’ve never wallpapered before, the tile grout is unpleasant, and I currently dislike this room very much. Will share the After photos next month! Wish me luck.


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