Ocean Drive's art deco architecture, from our trip to Miami.

Four Days in Miami? Yes, Please!

After a family reunion in Coconut Beach (where we stayed an extra night and had an amazing dinner at Fat Kahuna), then a detour to the gorgeous Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, we drove down to Miami for a few days.

T had never been to Florida before this trip, and I had never been to Miami. As a Burn Notice junkie, when planning the vacation I figured that since we were already going to Florida for the Reunion, “we might as well go down to Miami, and play super-spy.”

Burn Notice house, in Miami.

Madeline Westen’s house in Burn Notice. YAY!

Highlights from our brief trip:

  • Met online friends of T at Wynwood where we explored the art walls.
  • Ordered as many mojitos as I could, a la “Sam Axe,” determined to find The Best. Favorites: La Carreta’s, because it wasn’t overly sweet, and Lulu’s which was a pineapple flavored one. (Both spots had great food, too.)
  • Had my first Cuban sandwich, at La Carreta
  • Toured the stunning Vizcaya house and grounds – it was Fourth of July and hot that day.
  • Attended Coral Gables’ fireworks celebration, and WOW am I glad we did. Fantastic show, and the city of CG had shuttles, with police escorts. Getting in and out was a breeze.
  • Walked along South Beach for the art deco architecture, a candy store, and one of the best mac and cheeses. Also very hot that day.
  • Got in a few Burn Notice filming locations- most deliberate, one by accident. It’s embarrassing how happy seeing the house made me.
  • The air-conditioning of our AirBNB apartment. Seriously.
Us in Miami, in the Vizcaya gardens.

Us at Vizcaya. I believe in making my own shade.

You can see pictures from our trip here. We had a great time and can’t wait to go back and explore more, but… not in July. Miami’s heat was a special kind of heat, and that’s from someone who lives in Texas!

Next time we go, I want to do out to the Keys, actually enjoy the beach (water looked so refreshing, and South Beach was unlike any other beach I had been to), drink even more mojitos, and hit some art museums. Maybe even participate in the night life, since I won’t be so wiped out by the heat!

Have you been to Miami? What did you enjoy?
Anything I should put on my list for next time?


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